Our Mission    

IFSUAE's fundamental objective is to bring together the members who have been missing film related activities in U.A.E and we promise them a rich fare of meaningful and engaging films from India, interactive sessions with Directors, Producers, Actors, their retrospectives and much more.

IFSUAE’s mission is to promote and amplify the exposure of Indian classical cinema, which is often out of public reach and fall outside the commercial criteria. The intention of IFSUAE is to advance education of the public in knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the artistic acumen of Indian classic & independent films and enhance the arts and cultural provision of the UAE community, which would further strengthen the INDIA-UAE cultural relations.

The society will promote the study and appreciation of film by means of screenings, lectures, discussions, exhibitions and other related activities.

  • Monthly screening of Indian films that have artistic merit and inspiration to a worldwide audience.  
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss various classic and independent films through a film discussion group. 
  • Organize Annual Indian Film Festival to promote Indian independent films & filmmakers. 
  • Organize workshop, Training, panel discussions and lectures with leading filmmakers from the Indian film industry.
  • Organize educational outreach programs to the schools, colleges and community groups in UAE.
  • Promote and build an interested, aware and educated audience.
  • Acts as a service and resource center for Indian Cinema for various organizations and festivals.
  • Create a film network for like-minded people to meet and share ideas.

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